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Ban Appeal Template - Timon - 12-31-2017

       Welcome to the Ban Forums!

Steps to getting your ban appeal looked at:

1. Have your full Steam name/Discord ID

2. Explain how you got banned from server and or teamspeak. [Little to no information will not help get you get  un-banned any faster. More information is key]

Example 1: I was banned from the server for shooting my gun off please un- ban me I'm sorry. ( this will not get you un-banned)

Example 2 : My steam name is Tiimon and my Discord ID is Tiimon#9236.  I was banned from the server for shooting my gun off at a civilian since the civilian stole my vehicle. I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause trouble. I enjoy playing on the server and wont make the mistake again. 
( this will get you proper help.)