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Fire/EMS Application Template - Timon - 12-31-2017


(OOC) Out of Character Questions
[Image: IFRvf8f.png]
First Name: 

Last Name: 

Are you above the age of 18:  


How many hours a week can you dedicate:

Do you have prior EMS experience (In real life or in roleplay)? If so, where:

Why do you want to join the Los Santos Fire and Rescue Dept.?:

Do you have any criminal convictions within the past 4 weeks? If so, what:

Do you consent to a criminal background check:

(IC) In Character Questions
[Image: IFRvf8f.png]
Character First Name:

Character Last Name:

Character Date of Birth:

Character Address:

What role would you like to achieve within our Department:

Why should we pick you over any other applicant:

MAKE SURE TOPIC TITLE IS: Yourname - Fire/EMS Application